WHO: An Thien Tran
WHAT: Photographer
WHEN: 1996-Present
WHERE: Dallas, Texas. Sometimes in Sai Gon, Viet Nam
WHY: ???

An Thien Tran is a Vietnamese-American photographer based in Dallas, Texas. He has worked on multiple personal projects exploring his immediate surroundings, and for the past 4 years, he has been documenting the Vietnamese diaspora in Texas, including his own personal experience as a Vietnamese-Texan. He also co-founded Beautiful Noise Collective, an international art community that promotes multimedia creativity in online spaces.

2019 “Scorched Earth” zine, self-published September 2019
2019 “Things I missed about my childhood” and “How I loved the distance between us” zines, self-published September 2019
2019 “Look outside the birds are smiling” zine, self-published September 2019
2019 “Spring Action” and “Yellow Rose” zines, self-published August 2019

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